Sunday, October 30, 2011

Very "Halloweeny"

Last weekend we went on a mission to find a pumpkin. We didn't feel like taking a ride to one of the "pumpkin patches", so we set out on a journey to find one in town....we were successful at Lowes!

We carved it last Wednesday...

Meet...our pumpkin Jack! I sketched him, and Stephen carved was a team effort!

Of course our Halloween decorations would not be complete without artwork from Jake!

I even roasted up some pumpkin spice - pumpkin seeds....Yummy!!!

AND I made pumpkin bread...

Click HERE for the recipe!
(I made it without the pepitas)


I promised a lot of pictures, and I sure did deliver!!! Last night was the long awaited Haunted Hills 5K! It was rough, lot's of hills, and in case anyone was's not easy running in a tutu!!! We had a blast, and all ran together (except for the last tenth of a mile). We even won the contest for best group costumes! Woohooooo! Heroes in a half shell - turtle power!!!
We all painted little ninja turtles on our nails....isn't it adorable?!?!

A Visit From The Parentals!

Because I like for there to be some kind of order on here...I am first going to post the pics from when my parents visited before getting to the race photos! It's my fault because I have been lazy with keeping up with both the blog AND facebook! So here are some of my favorites. We had a GREAT time while Mom and Dad Sco were down here! The weather was perfect, we went to Downtown Mount Dora, and Epcot, and ate like kings pretty much every night!

Haunted Hills 5K - VIDEO

Loving this video of the start of the race....keep watching, you CAN'T miss us!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spirit Week

We had a VERY successful Spirit Week at work! Team Guidance hosted the Pep Rally, and it was a BLAST. We also had activities every day like crazy sock day, twin day, decade day, tacky day, and of course spirit day. It seems like we had more participation than usual, everyone (students and staff) were so into it! Here are just a few of my favorite pics...there were a lot to choose from!

My "Something Blue"

How lucky am I, that I have an entire family that is going to be my "something blue"?!?! I posted this on FB...such a nerd, I know! But you have to admit, it is a great idea! I got it from my LIW friends, but then I tweaked it just a bit!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where have I been?

Oh NO! I am in another blogging rut! You see, I have been so busy...too many bloggable moments I don't know where to begin!!! I will get caught up soon...maybe this weekend if we forego Legoland (see)! Haha, so I will start with the latest for now and then I will go back in time and fill in the missing moments that just HAVE to be documented on here.
Right now I am working my BUTT off getting ready for this:

It is going to be Ahhh-MA-ZING! I am a little nervous about the hills. I was hoping that the "hills" in the title wasn't literal, supposedly I am going to is intense. I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. All this will be going down in my Halloween costume which I am not yet ready to advertise. Stay tuned. Anyways...until then I am getting my run on, and my shins are hating me!
I told you so! CLICK HERE!
And for extra motivation, my friend J-Vrag introduced me to the best website EVER....
I have been "rocking my run" for over a week now, and I will NEVER listen to anything else! Ok, you get the point! :)

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