Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Brother the Graduate!

Congratulations to my awesome little brother on his Bachelors Degree from SUNY Purchase! I am very proud, wish I could have been there! Love you Pete!

Rainbow Springs

This past weekend Stephen had a work BBQ at Rainbow is so BEAUTIFUL there! I got to meet some of the great people that Stephen works with, and we also went kayaking up and down the Rainbow River. It was so gorgeous the water was crystal clear. Picturesssss!

Three different cool!

On A Boat

A few weekends ago, the Orlando's came up for a visit. We decided to switch it up from our usual golf cart outing and do something a little different. We went and rented a pontoon boat and cruised around all day on the Homosassa River....2 words...Good Times!!! Seriously it was such a fun, relaxing day even with a quick passing storm. Here are a few pictures...Can you tell UJ had a great time? Jen posted this on facebook, she said "never to old to have a good time"...he really looks like a kid!

Only the classiest establishments have the specials written on a paper bag!

I made bread!

I found a recipe online for "Quick & Easy" home made first thought was "what's the catch"? I figured it was worth a shot to try it...and it actually came out pretty good! It wasn't as light and airy as I thought it would be, but it had a really good flavor and made excellent Italian Subs!!! Here is the link for the recipe...
Click Here

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

My Mom's "38th" Birthday was on May 17th!!!! I know this post is late, I promise I didn't forget it (I may have mailed her cards a presents a little late) BUT I just had to put this up here in honor of her birthday! Better late than's the way we do things in this family! :) Love you Mom!!! This graph from GraphJam obviously reminded me of you...Rod Stewarts' biggest fan!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Engagement Pics

Two weekends ago, we finally had our engagement pictures taken by Will Vragovic! He is AMAZING, we were SO happy with how they came out! We had such a great day driving around in golf carts, changing our outfits a bunch of times, and shooting pics in a variety of beautiful places! Will seriously did such an awesome job with not only capturing these shots, but also editing them. We LOVE them, and are having a tough decision picking out which ones (or one) we want to use for the save the dates! It is going to be a VERY difficult decision that we need to make ASAP!!! Here are some of them, I would like to make a slide show but I am slacking!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Space Shuttles and Flowers

After the disappointment of the Endeavor launch being scrubbed, we decided to make the best of it and put our re-newed Disney passes to use! The flower festival was going on, it was B-E-A-UTIFUL!! It is amazing how people actually can do this! So pretty!

We did manage to get these 2 pics from us waiting in front of the launch pad...this is me and Stephen's friend Jared at Walgreens...

And this one...yea, keep on waiting!

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