Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday: Hollywood Studios

On Sunday we went to Hollywood Studios. The kids were able to meet some more characters (most importantly, Mickey). The rain held out until later in the day, and the "feels like" temp was 108 degrees! It was tough, but we kept cool with plenty of water and juice boxes! Anyway here are some more pics from Day #2...

Poor kid was exhausted, isn't this the cutest...
We had a WONDERFUL weekend!!! The rain held out for most of the day, it was a matter of time before the skies opened up!!

Saturday: Magic Kingdom

How could you go wrong with the Magic Kingdom? You can't...even in the rain, it is a good time! Okay I have a ton of pics to post, unfortunately most of them are in black and white because with the sun (when it WAS sunny), I had too many shadows, the pics came out better in B&W...eventually I just kept my camera in that setting.

Ok, here is one of our FAVORITES! Who brings a 4 year old on Splash Mountain...we do! Jake was fine for most of the ride, there was one small drop in the dark before the big drop that he wasn't crazy about. He also wasn't too happy right after the big drop, mostly because of the fact that he was soaked...but before we had a chance to get off of the ride, he said "I wanna go again". LoVe this pic! (Not great quality because it is a picture of a picture).
Oh, and of course here is my hair by the end of the day....I swear it started out PIN straight!


We once again put our season passes to good use! This time Stephen's sister, brother-in-law, and 2 adorable nephews, Jake and Ryan came down! We spent the weekend with them in Disney and stayed at the Pop Century was very cool! All the different sections of the hotel were grouped by different decades, and we stayed in the 1970's section. Here are some pics...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amazing Video

I just had to share has been circulating on Facebook, and I thought that some of my "viewers" (Mom Sc/ko's) would like to see. I have already seen it twice. It is very emotional, in a cute happy way...ENJOY!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greek Barley Salad Thing...

Here is a healthy recipe I just had to try but it didn't quite go as planned! I added WAY too much bad...everything sort of just got lost in there. Oh, well it was pretty darn good and healthy...yummm! Poor Stephen might want to pick up a burger or something on the way home...he definitely doesn't need anything low in calories! Here is what it was supposed to look like...
And here is how it really looked (there IS chicken in there, I swear)...
And Here is the link for the recipe...
Click Here

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to School!

Tomorrow is the first day of school for students! Our new principal Mrs. Douglas was interviewed for a Tampa news channel the other day! Here is the exciting!!! (Click the button next to the view it full screen)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Can you believe....

...we have been living in the apartment for a YEAR!!! Yup, time flies! Uh, huh....1 year, 3 lizards, and 4 palmetto bugs ago we moved pretty!

My Bulletin Board

Last year my bulletin board sat there empty for months, then I finally covered it with paper and a cute ladybug border. I couldn't think of, or find the time to come up with anything good enough to put up there. A few months after that I was sick of looking at it since it was unfinished and started putting random things up there just to fill the empty space....such as pictures of book covers of last years "sunshine readers" and ladybugs that students have drawn for me. Well this year I was determined to start off the year right! The blue papers are tips for the new 6th graders handwritten by students last year! I had the entire school fill these out last year during kindness week! Here are some of my favorites...
"Watch out for the poles in the breezeway...they will get you!"
"Wear a belt"
"Stick to the pizza in the is the safest"
"Don't try to be someone you're not for cool points"
"Don't smoke because it is a bad habit and bad habits fall hard"

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