Thursday, January 21, 2010


Look at the cake Stephen made me for my birthday last week!! What a sweetie! He had it waiting for me when I got home! Awwww....

--> Stephanie
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

More NY Pics

Here are the pics that Jen sent me from her camera...

Batter Blaster!!

I saw an add for it and had to give it a whirl...

It took a while to get the hang of it...

Ok so they didn't come out perfect (until the last 2) but they were sooooo yummy!!!
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Ok so this doesn't seem very "Floridian" to me....

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The pics aren't off the camera, and I'm still awaiting pictures from other peeps camera's...but to sum up Christmas in New York, I have two words "Wonderful Whirlwind"! It was the CrAZieSt 5 days ever, and of course they went by in a flash! It was great having everyone together! We got to see everyone and do pretty much everything that we had planned! Stephen's parents came over and joined us and the Orlando's for Christmas Eve, we went to Aunt Donna's for Christmas, and spent Christmas #2 on Saturday with Stephen's family at the bed and breakfast! Everything was great! I even managed to squeeze in seeing the Joseph and Kaci three times, a trip to the city with the family and Joanna, a hair cut by Klaire...or a "Klaircut", and an interesting experience seeing Avatar in the front row (great movie, front row NOT recommended, especially if it is 3-D). So needless to say it was madness, I'm exhausted reliving it in this post! By the time we came home we were both sick and exhausted but it was well worth it!

For New Years Eve we just kept it low key. Stephen got out of work early, and we watched movies, and I cooked 2 Giada recipes (tortellini bake, and beef lentil soup)...which came out YUMMMM! We spent New Years day with Dave and Eileen for part of their bar crawl, befriending old people in the villages. We seriously had an entourage by the time we got to Cody's! Good times! We even got to do an Avatar, take two on Saturday. Anyway, yesterday was back to reality for me! And tomorrow is the real reality check when the kids start school back up again after a two and a half week vacation, I'm sure it will be nuts!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful X-mas and New Year!! Happy 2010!!!!! My blog is almost a year old! Ahhhh...time flies! :)



Few pics on my phone I had...

--> Stephanie
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I'm a bad blogger....

Okay, Okay, I'll admit it I have been neglecting the blog! It isn't because nothing eventful has happened, it is just that SO MUCH has occurred since "parallel parking a four seater"...that I have no clue where to begin!!

Let me collect my thoughts (and pics)...and I'll come up with something! But first, here is Penny (Penelope) Scoma's You Tube debut in "Penny Loves Carrots"

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