Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday: Magic Kingdom

How could you go wrong with the Magic Kingdom? You can't...even in the rain, it is a good time! Okay I have a ton of pics to post, unfortunately most of them are in black and white because with the sun (when it WAS sunny), I had too many shadows, the pics came out better in B&W...eventually I just kept my camera in that setting.

Ok, here is one of our FAVORITES! Who brings a 4 year old on Splash Mountain...we do! Jake was fine for most of the ride, there was one small drop in the dark before the big drop that he wasn't crazy about. He also wasn't too happy right after the big drop, mostly because of the fact that he was soaked...but before we had a chance to get off of the ride, he said "I wanna go again". LoVe this pic! (Not great quality because it is a picture of a picture).
Oh, and of course here is my hair by the end of the day....I swear it started out PIN straight!


  1. THANKS for these great pics, Stephanie & for enabling us to enjoy the weekend with a distance. Looks like it was a really good time!!!
    Love, Mom Sko

  2. So much fun for sure! The boys are soooo darn cute! I love the pic of you guys on splash mountain! That is the best! Love, MomSco

  3. awesome! looks like u had a good time. my hair would end up the same way lol - that picture on splash mountain is great! =)

  4. i love stephens face on the ride hahaa.


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