Sunday, October 30, 2011

Very "Halloweeny"

Last weekend we went on a mission to find a pumpkin. We didn't feel like taking a ride to one of the "pumpkin patches", so we set out on a journey to find one in town....we were successful at Lowes!

We carved it last Wednesday...

Meet...our pumpkin Jack! I sketched him, and Stephen carved was a team effort!

Of course our Halloween decorations would not be complete without artwork from Jake!

I even roasted up some pumpkin spice - pumpkin seeds....Yummy!!!

AND I made pumpkin bread...

Click HERE for the recipe!
(I made it without the pepitas)


  1. You guys celebrate Halloween in Style! Pumpkin came out great and the pumpkin bread looks yummy!! Love, MomSco

  2. The pumpkin bread does look epic!


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