Wednesday, March 4, 2009

57 Days

There is only 57 days left until my last day of class...I can't believe it is already March!!!! Sooooooo CrAzY!!!! I have said this like a million times before but time really is flying!!!! There is a part of me that is glad time is going so fast because I am so overwhelmed, I just want to close this chapter of my life. In other words - I have had ENOUGH!! Everyday i have a different schedule, a different set of activities, a different paper is a lot to handle! I have sorta "checked out" of school this semester. Someone may figure that by now I would be used to this....but I don't think anyone can get used to a schedule that is as random and chaotic as mine.
BUT on the other hand..... this upcoming transition WILL be the hardest thing i'll ever have to do in my life!!!! It will be harder than my research methods paper, harder than my degree synthesis presentation, and probably even harder than completing my bachelors and masters degree combined!! All of the training I have recieved up until this point probably couldn't prepare me (emotionally) for this change that will be taking place in just a few short months! Although I truly believe that the excitement will outweigh any negative factors of this move... it still won't make it any less difficult! I'm not sure what will be harder....leaving my family or leaving Kaci and Joseph...what am I saying it is the same thing.....they ARE my family too....all of the Sergi's are! It seems like a lot to handle at once, but I know it will all be for the best! This is the point I have been working towards for about 6 years now... gonna keep reminding myself that! I think it is just a little weird not knowing WHERE I am going!! Like I know I am leaving Long Island....but where will I end up? Where will I be 5 and half months from this very moment..... I don't know.....and THAT'S what is freaking me out! It is all so scary and exciting!!! I don't think I have ever had such mixed feelings!!!!

So here are the Pro's and the Con's (just to break it down):
I'm putting con's first so I can leave off on a happy/good note!!!

-Have to leave my home
-Have to leave my family

-Will be happier (this I am sure of)
-Less stress (or a different kind....i'll take it)
-Will be independent
-Starting my career....long over-due
-$$$$$ (even tho it will be going towards rent/bills/school loans....i still consider a salary a "pro")
-Will have a pen-pal for life (Joseph....and then Kaci when she learns to write)
-Summers off....oh yeaaaaaa
-Normal hours

Woohoo....I just got "re-excited"!!!

Conclusion ---> It will be tough....but TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

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