Wednesday, June 12, 2013

27 Week Bumpdate

Baby Girl is the size of a head of cauliflower!!!  Whoa!!!
Changes I've noticed:  I've hit 21 lbs. as far as weight gain goes.  Besides my belly, I'm noticing it mainly in my arms!  My belly button is definitely turning inside out, how strange!!!  My skin on my tummy is so tight...I've decided I need more (not sure it works that way)!

How I've been feeling:  Rolling over from one side to the other is becoming a nightmare!  Putting on pants is an event as well...forget about my strappy sandals!!!  Yes, I know this is only going to get worse (that is what scares me)!  But seriously I've been feeling okay, just taking it easy and resting when I can.

How I've been sleeping:  Since I've been off of work, it's been nice catching up on sleep!  I really don't sleep late at all...usually I'm up around 7.  Still, I wake up a lot throughout the night, but it's easy to get back to sleep each time.  Besides a little bit of discomfort, I can't really complain.

Food and exercise:  I've still been going to the gym, and even did some intervals the other day.  There was an incident with a sudden craving for donuts a few nights ago...but besides that I've been doing okay, especially as far as snacking goes!  I'm now trying to be more sensible about dinner.  Since not everything I make is low cal, or light...I'm working on portion control.  Easier said than done!  You know I LOVE food!  I've got some yummy lighter meals I plan to try out this summer, you'll see! :)

Maternity clothes:  So far my maternity clothes are all still fitting me (thank goodness), except ONE pair of pants (in picture above) is starting to get a little snug!  Grrr....I KNEW I should have went with the medium!!!  I've been resisting the urge, and haven't bought anything new.

Movement:  My little wild child is a nut, I just know we are in for it!  She is constantly kicking up a storm, and loves to do that thing where she sticks her little butt cracks me up!
Best moment this past week:  This past week we have heard the sweet little sound of her heartbeat A LOT!!!!

Sooooo....I feel that I should explain....
The reasoning for hearing her heartbeat so much isn't really my "best moment"...but I'm just looking to turn it in to a positive.  If any of you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen this status update:
"Spending this tropical stormy day snuggled up with my peanut...while she beats me up"

Things didn't really go as planned.  About two hours later, Stephen was on his way home to get me and bring me to the hospital.  Although a BIG part of me thought it was likely nothing, a tiny part of me though I might have been leaking fluid....thankfully it turned out to be totally fine!  Baby is good, and Mommy is too!  So much for a snuggly day at home!  Don't you love my dramatic picture?  Stephen's face when I asked him to take a pic was priceless...I don't know why these things even surprise him anymore!?  After the nurse let me know everything was okay, they had us hang out for about 45 minutes and listen to her on the monitor.  We had to keep moving it, because she is ALL over the place...silly girl! :) you are reading this, just know I am off to take ANOTHER glucose test!  Apparently I failed the first one just a tad, so now I have to take the 3 HOUR one!  Isn't pregnancy fun!?  At this point I am most bummed out about the fact that I have to fast!  SO not cool!

Happy "Bump" Day!!!!


  1. yay for the bump update! I'm so glad that everything was fine and I'm sure the sugar test will be as well. Keep up the good snacking and light exercise :)

  2. You look too cute and glad that everything is coming along with the pregnancy. You can never be too sure with making sure everything is ok! xo

  3. I have a hard time with pants and my shoes too. even though I'm not as big it just is so hard to reach!!

  4. I'm glad everything is ok!! Better to be cautious! Good luck with your test! You look great!

  5. Glucose tests suck. ESPECIALLY the long ones. I had to as well and it wasn't too bad! GOOD LUCK LADY! <3 ANd yeah, having a pregnant starving woman fast is horrible. haha

  6. love it! hahah on the love to eat part! good job with the control and not too many cravings. i am following you on Facebook now too my friend. love all the recipes, low cal or not :)

  7. good luck with everything! you look fabulous!!! and girls are great!

  8. what a cute bump! you're really starting to pop out :) better get some slip on shoes while you're ahead!

  9. oh my good gracious! you and baby girl are SO STINKIN CUTE! glad to hear she's healthy and doing great! And that stick-the-butt-out-thing.... maybe she'll have awesome dance moves! ;)


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