Wednesday, June 19, 2013

28 Week Bumpdate

Let's just take a minute and talk about how CRAZY it is that:
1.  I am 28 weeks already!
2.  Baby Girl is the size of a small head of cabbage!
Changes I've noticed:  I'm up 22 pounds and my belly is really stretched out.  I'm still fascinated by the fact that my belly button is beginning to turn inside out.  My prediction is that within a month it will be an outtie!  Even though I've still been lubing up with cocoa butter and coconut oil like it's my job, I noticed some more stretch marks on my hips (none on my tummy yet).    

How I've been feeling:  This week I'm feeling pretty good!  Since I've been consistently exercising, I feel like I have much more energy!  Moving around isn't AS bad, either I'm just learning to function with this big belly, or the exercise is helping a little in that department too (probably a little of both).

How I've been sleeping:  I've been sleeping through the night, just getting up REALLY early!  I guess it doesn't long as I'm waking up feeling well rested!  

Food and exercise:  I'm still going to the gym, and doing intervals at home.  Stephen and I took a walk over the weekend which was nice.  My plan for while I'm in NY is to walk whenever possible in order to stay active.  I think I will be able to convince my mom to come along with me.  I've also been eating well...I'm just trying to compensate because I know this will be my biggest challenge while we are away!

Maternity clothes:  After my doctors appointment on Monday, I went shopping and picked up a plain pink maternity t-shirt for my maternity photo shoot on Monday.  You know how I am a huge fan of leggings?  Well I couldn't hold off any longer, and finally bought a pair of maternity leggings...they basically rock!

Movement:  She kicks me so far off to the side that it tickles!  I didn't even know this was possible, I must be REALLY ticklish!  Baby is so crazy in there, some days are more active than others...but she is still a crazy little lady on an "inactive" day!
Best moment this past week:  On Monday we got to see her pretty little face!  Ahhhh, I could just stare at this picture ALL day!!!  We were laughing because her hands were always up by her head...just like Mommy!
I totally forgot to mention this last week, but we found an AMAZING day care option RIGHT by my job, that I feel 100% excited about!  A woman I work with recommended someone who runs a little day care out of her home!  I've been stressing over this, and feel so ridiculously relieved that we could check that off of our "to-do" list!  Everyone kept telling me that it would all come together, and they were right.  We are all registered, and ready to go!  The fact that I am so happy with this scenario, will help ease my mind when it is time to go back to work...but I don't even want to think about that just yet!  :)

Tomorrow morning we leave for our big trip.  Did I mention it is a road trip?  We are taking our time, taking lots of breaks...and yes I will be staying hydrated, I promise!  We have a lot planned...a blog friend sleepover, the baby shower, a christening, a bridal shower, maternity photos, and seeing lots and lots of friends and family!
I'm so excited for ALL of it!  Now it's time to get packing!

Happy "Bump" Day!!!!


  1. Love your bump and that you have more energy! Have fun in NY!

  2. Isn't it crazy that you are almost 30 weeks?! Have so much fun on your trip and I am so jealous you get to see Mallory!!!

  3. Have a blast on your trip & give Mal a big hug from me! Cant wait to see all the instagram pic updates :0)

  4. I love the Bump Days! You are one of the cutest preggos I've seen! Love it!

  5. Have a great vacation! So glad you feel like you have more energy - I agree working out helps. AND mat leggings are the best invention ever!! Can't wait to see your mat pics! you have a beautiful belly!

  6. Okay - I LOVE your blog design and you are SO ADORABLE PREGNANT!!! xo

  7. How exciting!!!! Have a great road trip :)


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