Wednesday, June 26, 2013

29 Week Bumpdate

At 29 weeks, my girly is the size of a butternut squash!  Did you notice that I'm not taking pics in my bathroom for once?  Here is a quick bumpdate from New York!
Changes I've noticed:  The belly button is still an innie...I still say it is only a matter of time!  It is hard to tell how much weight I have gained, I don't have a scale here.  When I get home I'll be able to see what the damage is!

How I've been feeling:  I'm feeling just okay.  The drive up here wasn't too bad, we took a decent amount of breaks (not as many as I anticipated).  I also stretched a lot...
Day 1
Day 2
 Right now, I'm just ridiculously exhausted...most likely because we are running all over the place trying to see as much of as many people as we possibly can!  It's possible that tomorrow, I may have a tiny break to fit in some relaxation.  So far, there is nothing planned for the day...although that can change any moment!  

How I've been sleeping:  Luckily, I've been sleeping like a rock (probably because I brought my body pillow with me)!
The only problem is that I've been going to sleep really late, and waking up really early still.  I feel like it's all catching up to me, and I'm going to crash!  

Food and exercise:  Just as I expected, this has been a struggle!  I've been trying to make sensible choices whenever possible, and watch my portions.  As far as my plan for walking...that hasn't happened yet.  I feel like I've been getting plenty of exercise though running here, there, and everywhere!

Movement:  She has been getting me in the ribs a little bit lately.  It isn't very frequent, so when it happens it really startles me!
Best moment this past week:  How do I pick just one, there have been so many...
-My beautiful shower (obviously)
-Seeing all of our family and friends, and getting extra belly rubs (it really doesn't bother me at all)
-Mom, Dad, and Bro all got to feel baby kick over the weekend

Ok friends, taking a little breather...and getting back to my vacay!  :)
Happy "Bump" Day!!!!


  1. Aww you are so cute!!! :) Happy 29 weeks girl only 11 more to go!!

  2. Girl, you are all baby--I hope I get that lucky (I've heard about having to go on a diet if you gain too much weight during your pregnancy and it sounds awful :S)! Have a fabulous time in NY--I'm keeping up with you via IG and FB :D

  3. My body pillow was my WORLD! You know that they make this crazy lookin' pregnancy pillow-- I can't even find words to explain it.. it's like, in the shape of a U or something. I still love a body pillow-- and would still have one but we had a guest pup for a week and it took a lil wee on it, I washed the pillow, and it died. I want a new one but I NEVER GET ANYTHING COOL so I will just use a regular pillow and whine. LOL -- I know you aren't home now but I have something to send you next week once you are home.. or I may wait a week..

  4. Glad you had fun at your shower and on your road trip!! I have been following along on instagram (:

  5. YOU ARE SO CUTE!! And HOW am I not following you on Instagram?! For shame. I am off to add a new blogger friend on IG!


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