Sunday, June 2, 2013

What's cooking this week?

Good morning sunshines!  
I'm posting my weekly meal plans real quick because the hubs and I are off to Disney for the day!  Our season passes are about to go into blackout dates so we have to squeeze another trip in (fineeeee...I'll go if I have to)!  We should be Epcot bound in about an hour or so.  Stephen and I sure do spend a lot of time in Orlando!  This is my Orlando face from last weekend...I'll be making it again shortly!  
WAIT...fist thing's first though...
Monday:  Balsamic Basil Chicken over an arugula salad
Thursday:  Shrimp with veggies over brown rice

All set...have an awesome Sunday AND week ahead!  (I think I will be on summer vacay for at least the next 3 days...psyched!)


  1. We are going to Orlando mid June! I can't wait! Hope you have fun today!

  2. Ahh have so much fun at Epcot!! I'm super envious! I actually did the Disney College Program last year from January to August and it was the best experience! I miss it every day!

  3. Love Orlando! One should never get tired of Disney Land! Enjoy and safe travels!

  4. Thanks for the great recipes, I am excited to try the fajita burgers! Enjoy time with your hub! :)


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