Sunday, June 16, 2013

What's cooking this week? {& Happy Father's Day!!!}

This week is going to be cut really short in the meal department (haven't had one of these in a while), because we are leaving Thursday morning for NY (road trip)!  Wednesday night, I thought it would be best not to bother with cooking because we will be busy getting ready.  Here is my sad (yet delicious) little list of meals...
Tonight: Sausage and Peppers
I'd like to wish ALL of the Daddy's out there a very Happy Father's Day!!!  This of course includes Daddy's-to-be like my sweet hubby!  
No one is a bigger "Daddy's Girl" than I am, I hope that Baby Girl is one too (I have no doubts actually).  My Dad...or "Fath" as I call him, is above and beyond the sweetest, most kind, generous, and of course...FUNNIEST!  He is also THE GREATEST MAN ALIVE (inside joke, however true)!!!  Of course I wish I could spend this day with him, but I will make up for it when I see him SOON!  
Fath....see you in 4 days and a wake-up, have an awesome day, WE love you MuCho!
Daught, & G-Daught

(***Don't forget Thursday is the "Boys Behind the Blog" is your chance to convince your hubby/fiance/boyfriend to participate!)

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