Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Crop

Ok so this weekend there was a crop on A Cherry On Top (ACOT)...I tried to participate as much as I could but it was a pretty jam packed weekend. Friday we went out with some people from Stephens off roading club.....we went to Buffalo Wild Wings it was yummy! The only thing i regret was attempting to eat a "blazin" was so hot my mouth hurt for like 20 minutes!! (NEVER AGAIN!) After a few minutes I turned to everyone and asked "Does anyone else taste blood?" Yea so that was an experience! On Saturday I worked, and then afterwards we went to Stephens nephew Evan's 3rd birthday CuTe!!! There were so many adorable kids there it was crazy! What a cute family! So when we got home I started to participate in some of the online games and challenges. I played bingo 3 times, but only came close to winning once. The first challenge i did was where we had to create a party themed layout. So I used the pictures from when I was opening the digital frame that Stephen gave me. Notice the ladybug wrapping paper!! Anyway I also used the new Cosmo Cricket Fleuriste paper that I got in the mail on Friday!! So pretty I think! Here is how the layout came out....
The next challenge I was able to complete was where I had to use the number 2, black and white, and 2 photos in a layout. I used the title "It Had 2 Be You" because that is me and Stephens song. The 2 photos are 2 of my absolute FAVORITES from the day we went off-roading on the beach (the day after thanksgiving). I was pretty happy how the layout came out especially considering how I threw it together at the last minute! I ended up not using the colors black and white but I hope that the fact that the photos are b&w are okay. So here is the layout....

The next challenge I did was a "Presidents Day" challenge.... we had to use something on our layout that represents each letter in the word "PRESIDENT"
Here is what I pulled together:
P - Patterned Paper
R - Ribbon (or rock)
E - Eyelets
S - Stamp
I - Ink
D - Diamonds
E - Envelope
N - Navy Blue
T - Torn paper
There is a little piece of paper inside the envelope with journaling on it that says "What a wonderful, magical day with Peter, Jennifer, and Kristen at David Weld's nature preserve". I love these pics, they came out so great! Here is the layout....

And lastly, of course out of all of the classes, the ONE that I wanted to take was the Basic Grey layout class....and just as I suspected it ended up being on Saturday morning, when I had work! Luckily I was able to sit in on it a little bit while at work (I viewed it on my phone). And afterwards, I was able to go back and follow along, creating this beauty.....

I love this layout!! It was made from this sketch....

Oh and here is the link to the thread for the Basic Grey Layout Class 2/21
And here is the link for the supplies!

So yea that is pretty much my was my first crop too and i got about 350 points between random "sprinkles from the ACOT fairy" and winning a few little games here and stuff!

And I should mention that Stephen was incredibly helpful and supportive of my Scrapbooking obsession all weekend long...I will certainly make it up to him! <3

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  1. i must be stupid b cause i just read that whole thing and im lost.
    especially the whole peter, jen, kristen thing. what's up with that???
    either i didn't read it properly or u just made no sense at all, no offense! but whatever it is, i did not get those few paragraphs one bit.


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