Monday, September 19, 2011

Spinach Stuffed Shells

This is what we had for dinner yesterday. It is a healthier option than straight up stuffed shells.
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The only thing I did differently was, I used 2 egg whites instead of 1....also, I used one package of frozen spinach, and a half of a bag of fresh spinach. I also added a little garlic to the spinach/onion mix. I also, cut out the nutmeg (not a fan). PLEASE, don't use jarred sauce if it can be prevented. I used some of Uncle John's sauce that I had frozen. Whip up a quick marinara if you don't have time for the good stuff. This recipe is tooooo good to go with a jarred sauce. If you are going to do it, do it right! With that being said, I will forgive you if you go for the jar, but my mother might not! :)


  1. UUUUMMMM!!!!! Looks so good. You are a lucky man, Stephen!
    Love, Mom Sko

  2. I may try this recipe one Sunday it looks so good and of course I will not use the jar - LOL!!! Love, MomSco


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