Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crispy Broccoli

I LOVE roasting veggies! I feel like every time I roast broccoli, I try a different method. I'm always googling "how to roast broccoli" (which is stupid because it is supposed to be easy), but can never seem to find the perfect formula....until now. It's so simple, the key is for the broccoli to be completely dry! If it's not won't come out as crispy.

Drizzle the broccoli with some extra virgin olive oil, add salt, and pepper....then roast in a 425 degree oven for 20-25 minutes. That is it!!! From now on, if I forget how to roast broccoli to perfection...I'm checking here instead of google! :)

(*Mine came out super crispy, I kept it in for the maximum 25 minutes...I would recommend taking it out about a minute or two before it looks like the pic above)


  1. How were the scallops tonight? I've never made them.... I've heard they are hard to cook correctly!
    Lisa Wilbert

  2. Hey Lisa! They were "okay"...I probably cooked them wrong, they were rubbery! I'll try again next time, and do a little more reading up on it!

  3. Will teach my bearer (Bangladeshi cook) about the broccoli! Regarding scallops, they need very little "cooking" time. Overcooked scallops taste rubbery. Hope that helps next time, because they are Yummo!
    Mary S


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