Sunday, April 13, 2014

What's cooking this week?

Hello gorgeous Sunday morning (again)! I've got my eye on the pool. I think another pool adventure is in order! Maybe we'll actually go all the way in this time. First thing's first...
Tonight: Thai Noodle Soup (never made this last week)
Monday: Not cooking
Tuesday: Taco Braid (my own spin on something like this)
Wednesday: Creamy Artichoke Soup and steak for Hubs
Thursday: Cucumber Avocado Subs
It's been a fabulous weekend even though I'm feeling like garbage. I've got this nasty cough and I'm beyond exhausted from this past week at work as we prepare for testing. We still had a wonderful day yesterday meeting up with my Uncle Ricky who was in town for a conference. We had lunch at a place called the Copper Canyon Grill and I couldn't pass up these INSANELY DELICIOUS fish tacos! 
Ella sat in the high chair like such a big girl. I didn't even think the bring the high chair cover because last time we tried (a few weeks ago) it didn't go too well. What a difference a few weeks makes! She sat and played so nicely for about an hour! Thankfully she had this yummy magnadoodle to keep her busy!

I'm getting a little bit of a late start today but there is still a lot I'd like to accomplish. We are running low on baby food so I plan to make another giant batch of deliciousness for my babes. I've got turkey tenderloins in the crock pot for her now. Yum! Happy Sunday everyone! 
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  1. Those magnadoodles are worth their weight in gold. Grace has two and I know I will be buying more. Anything that keeps her entertained!

  2. Taco braid...that sounds delish. I've made a spaghetti one before & that was really good. :)

  3. Magnadoodles are one of the best toys invented in my opinion!


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