Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ella's Ten Month Update

Double Digits!!! It has been SO difficult to get pictures of my girl these days. She doesn't sit still for a single second (I wonder where she gets that from) so that's why there's only one ten month photo worth sharing. I've been lucky enough to be home with Ella for the past month and really be able to experience her growth. She's been changing right before my eyes. It's been nuts!
Her hair is getting long enough for a little "Pebbles ponytail". No more teeth have come through so we still only have the bottom two. Regardless, she still bites into her food like she has a mouthful. It's pretty funny to watch. 
Ella is a great napper/sleeper (fingers crossed I'm not jinxing things majorly by saying this). She takes two naps a day and goes to bed for the night around 8 and is up by 7. Not one single complaint here in the sleep department. Praying that doesn't change, even though I know at some point her routine will start to evolve. Especially since I've been home with her, I've been able to keep her to this routine real well.   

As you can see from the video, another thing this kid rocks at is eating! She doesn't always feed herself, but on the few occasions I allow her control of the spoon...let's just say it starts off well. Some new foods that she's tried are red lentils, chi-chi beans, cherries, beef, greek yogurt, and cheese (not all together). Using the sippy cup is still a little bit of a challenge but we're getting there. 
How cute is this "Ella-sized" fro-yo cone?!? Don't be fooled by the face, she actually loved the taste but hated the coldness. She kept going back for more, and making this face. Ella's first brain freeze!
Her vocabulary is still mainly "Ma-Ma", "Da-Da", and "cook"...but we've added "uh-oh" into the mix. I also swear I've heard a few "Hi"'s too. She's also been waving, sometimes her hand opens and closes towards her instead of's adorable. The second week I was home with her, I taught her how to clap. There's no greater feeling than watching your child do something YOU actually taught them. Coolest ever!
Baby Girl is becoming a pro at standing. I've even been noticing that if she is standing unassisted and starts to crouch down, she's able to stand back up on her own...sort of like a squat. She's been taking some steps, never more than three so I can't officially say she is walking yet. It's coming SOON!
She's been making this surprised face more and more these days, it cracks us up. Most of the time it's accompanied by either "ooooooooh" or "ohhhhhh". Hilarious. So far it seems like next months update will feature A LOT of this expression! 

This month was full of new developments, I'm sure I left a bunch of stuff out. From now on I'm keeping a journal of all of them since things are happening SO fast! TOO fast if you ask me!
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