Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ella's Eleven Month Update

Eleven?!?! This must be a cruel joke, there's just no way! Where did the time go? No, really! Am I seriously planning a first birthday party already?! Ugh, no fair! This past month has been so hectic with the move. I could break things down between pre-move and post-move. Seems like she was hardly walking before we moved. She would take a few steps here, and a few steps there. Now this kid is wobbling her way all over the house. It still throws me off to turn around and seeing her standing there upright! 
More often than not, this kid is smiling. During those first few months I honestly couldn't have pictured it. She is like a completely different kid. This smile lights up my world! 
We even attempted some crafts this past month. Of course she loved getting her hands (and face) full of paint. Look at this little Picasso! I was impressed at how she kept the paint on the paper....with the exception of her face of course.  
Her hair has been growing so much! We not only have enough for a ponytail, but pigtails too. They aren't too easy to do, as you could imagine this kid is moving around non-stop! Lately I've been having to do something with it though, otherwise she just has her hair in her face. So far it's mostly straight but it's curling up in the back. I wonder if she will have curly hair like her Mamma!
We've been using a lot of apps but her favorite is still Baby View. I love how it's grown with her. She gets so serious when you put a tablet in front of her! Busy girl! 
Out of all her toys, I think her books are her favorite. We made sure that was the first thing we unpacked when we moved. I love how she knows exactly where she needs to touch in the touchy-feely books. She also had her first trip to the library this past month. She spent her time there pushing books around on the floor. I can't wait to take her back again. She looked so big sitting on the benches, and at the little table and chairs!
Ella continued to make this surprised face for about two more weeks and just as suddenly as she started, she stopped. It was hilarious while it lasted, luckily I got a ton of photos!
Still no more teeth, just the bottom two. I'm thinking any day now on the top ones, we'll see. She's still an incredibly awesome eater. There have been a lot of new foods this past month - mandarin oranges, pancakes and eggs just to name a few. We've been noticing that she likes to feed herself finger foods rather than be spoon fed. So independent! 

She is also sleeping really well still which is impressive since we transfered from "summer mode" back into our normal work/school routine. Her nap schedule isn't consistent but for the most part she gets one good(ish) nap at school, and then she sleeps again for the 40 minute drive home. Usually she is in bed for the night around 8. I tell Stephen all the time that I actually miss her when she is asleep! I feel like we don't get enough time together some days. Lately I've been working so much. Hopefully things start to settle down a bit!
I hope I didn't miss any important 11 month updates. It's hard to believe that ONE YEAR is just around the corner!
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  1. Oh my GOSH she is a DOLL and I want to hug and kiss her. Gorgeous baby!

  2. I cannot get over her facial expressions, they are hilarious! She is so cute! I especially like the pigtail picture. :)

    Mandie ~

  3. M'kay...your mini me is absolutely precious, Stephanie. Hope you are doing great!


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