Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ella Recaps Her First Birthday!

Hello Blogland, Ella Rose here! I turned ONE today! Since today was a very special day for me, I figured I would post some of my favorite parts about it. Everyone keeps saying how this year went by so fast, but I feel like I've been around and rocking this whole "baby thing" forever. I'm already growing up into a big girl, I even got some big girl toys today! 

I'll make this update quick so I can go get some rest. Being the Birthday Girl is exhausting!
My day started with Dada dressing me in my birthday shirt and Momma trying to pose for pictures with me. I made sure to move a lot so she didn't get any good ones. 
I had a great day at school, took a three hour nap, played and ate lots of yummy snacks. When I got home I "talked" to lots of friends and family on the phone and on the iPad. Everyone kept singing songs to me and it made me giggle. 
 Mommy taught me how to say I was one year old....she also taught me where my nose is and sometimes I mix those up!
Look at this cool new toy I got from Uncle's a Little Mermaid Little People set! Flounder is already missing. Oopsie, could he be under the couch?  Speaking of cool presents, my little friend CKW was born late last night! Mamma showed me pictures of her and I can't wait to play with her soon!
 Today was even extra special because I discovered my new favorite food - mac 'n' cheese! More please!
How fun is it to use the letter 'L'!? I started using it a lot today and even learned to say my name "Lella". Close enough. 

Wrapping paper is some seriously fun stuff! Mommy and Daddy says I will get to rip more of it when lots of people who love me come to celebrate soon at my mermaid party! 
Thanks for letting me share my day with you, and thank you everyone for the "Happy Birthdays"!
XO, "Lella Rose"


  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Ella Rose!! Isn't Mac & cheese yummy? My mommy gave me a little but the other night too!
    Love, Jackson

  3. So cute! Happy Birthday, lil one! :)

    Mandie ~

  4. Happy Birthday Ella:)

  5. Happy birthday, Ella! September babies are the coolest.

  6. Oh my! I remember when I first "met" you.. while you were pregnant. It seems like just the other day. What a beautiful baby girl you have and how special it's been to watch her grown on your blog. You are so truly blessed and it's incredibly wonderful to see how honored you are to be her Mother!


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