Sunday, October 12, 2014

What's cooking this week?

Hey there! A late night post, it's obviously not my usual Sunday! It's been a fun and spontaneous weekend over here. Hubs is not typically one for impromptu plans but I managed to convince him to drive down to South Florida to spend the weekend with family before heading back up to a first birthday party in Melbourne. We've been all over, we're exhausted but it was a great weekend!
Tuesday: Butternut Squash Soup (never quite got to it last week) and rotisserie chicken
Wednesday: Italian Sausage and Peppers
Thursday: Southwest Turkey Burgers
Friday: Loaded Veggie Pizza

Saturday morning we left around 10 AM and got to my aunt and uncle's house around 2ish to spend a nice lazy afternoon and evening with them. Honestly that's my favorite thing to do when we go down there. We just hung out, chased the baby around and threw some burgers on the grill. After the baby went to bed we played charades with my cousins...we've never really grown up, it's the best! This morning we were up and out early to make it to Sawyer's first birthday party (my longest best friend Jaime's son). Baby Girl had a blast, she was a little party animal. She enjoyed playing with all of Sawyers toys, and even tested out some of his new ones too. 
Considering what a whirlwind weekend it's been our little lady was such a trooper even on all the long car rides. Unfortunately things took a turn when she started running a slight fever towards the end of the party. At first I thought it was all teething related because her top 4 teeth are going to break through at any moment, but now I'm thinking it's likely more than that. Just before bed I took her temperature.... 101.5, poor girl! She went from party animal to a little sicky SO suddenly, I knew something was up when she gave me that glassy-eyed look. We've been giving her extra love and lots of snuggles, I hope she kicks this thing ASAP! Looks like she will be staying home with Daddy tomorrow and this Mamma will be taking a half day when he has to go in to work. Teamwork! I better get to sleep, 5:30 comes quick...and who knows if my girl will sleep through the night, she's been very restless! Goodnight, I hope you all had a great weekend!
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  1. Glad you had a good weekend but sorry to hear your baby is sick. Hope she feels much better when she wakes.

  2. i hope she feels better and so long since i have said hello :) menu looks good!


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