Sunday, August 7, 2016

What's cooking this week?

We are less than a month out from my due date, and something tells me I should get getting going on stocking that freezer with food for after baby! I did this with Ella and it was SO helpful to have the option of many ready-to-go meals within that first month. Right now I still have some frozen sauce, but that's about it. Here's what else I'm adding to the mix. 
Sunday: Manicotti (parents are coming over!) and a side salad
Tuesday: Double batch of chili in the crock pot (freezing 1-2 meals worth)
Wednesday: Pasta Aglio E Olio with broccoli
Thursday: Crispy Cheddar Chicken (making 2 trays, freezing one) with brown rice and broccoli (leftover from night before)
Friday: Turkey Meatloaf (making 2 freezing one) with red potatoes and green beans

Awesome! I'm SO excited to not only have EASY things planned for the week, but also to be able to say I'll have 3-4 more meals ready to go for future lazy dinners. Standing in my kitchen and spending a ton of time cooking does not appeal to me. I'll get back into my more adventurous cooking mode someday soon. For now, keeping it easy and cooking in bulk when possible.

My parents are coming by for dinner tonight and I'm clearing out not all, but some of my frozen Sunday sauce. I hope to be able to make one more big batch before baby sometime in the next few weeks. That's always good to have around!

We are having a stay-at-home day. I'm excited, even thought this means I'll be cleaning bathrooms and bedrooms! Poor baby's room is still a disaster, all of her clothes we will need in the beginning are washed but they don't have a home yet because we've been shuffling furniture around. Let the nesting finally begin! Baby Girl's nursery WILL be in some kind of order by the end of today. Also, that hospital bag WILL be packed for real this time. #SUNDAYGOALS

Next week is the first full week since we've gone "back to school'! We are really in school mode now. Here are some pics of our first day on Thursday. Ella switched to a new building and seems like such a big girl now that she's started Pre-K 3! When I picked her up on Thursday, she proudly said "Mommy, this is my new school"! Love my smiley girl! XO
Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week! 
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