Saturday, July 6, 2019

My FASTer Way to Fat Loss Experience #LevelUp - Part ONE

Dear El + Em, 
In April 2019, Mama decided to try another new program. This explains the increase of lunges around the house and it especially explains why I was shoveling food in my face before 7:30 most nights. Thank you for playing nicely (some days) so that I could squeeze my kitchen workouts in. My hope is that you both grow up to value the importance of taking care of yourself AND that you're fortunate enough to have a squad of people supporting you too! 
XO, Mom
My Whole30 experience in January truly did set the tone for the year and kick start healthier habits. Or I should say, more CONSISTENT healthy habits especially in the nutrition department. I did reintroduce foods a little faster than recommended, however I was confident that I had no sensitivities. From that point on I was definitely more conscious about what I was fueling my body with and had a much better mindset when it came to sugar intake! I gained a little bit of weight back (which was expected) but I kept reminding myself that's not what it was all about. 

The truth is that I KNEW (we all "know", right) that if I wanted to continue on this wasn't just about the nutrition...but I needed to be more consistent with my workouts. Exercise was always part of my routine but I had no set "plan". Since the start of they year I had been working out with friends every Thursday after school, but that was my only set workout day. I would do yoga and the occasional random workouts in between but there was no structure. By March though, I noticed I wasn't feeling as sore after the Thursday workouts which typically would cripple me until Monday - I had reached a plateau. 

Over spring break, I decided to hit the workouts home and at my community gym. I promised myself to incorporate some type of exercise into my routine EVERY day. That sounds extreme, but if there's anything I learned from my Beachbody coaching days - it's that there are no excuses, and you can make time for ANYTHING.  About a month in, it was going well, but it was time for some structure, I didn't want to just "wing it" anymore . But what?! I had a few ideas but I was ALLLLLL over the map. And then in April, this beauty popped up in my insta-feed....
This is my friend Anna, she's one serious hot Mama! She was part of the Thursday workout crew and I knew she was doing the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. She was trying to convince the rest of us to join her, but from the basics that I knew (or thought I knew) about the seemed a little too drastic. Also, I was more into the idea of toning up and not loving the whole "weight loss" mindset. Honestly, it turned me off a bit. But then THIS! This photo and my incredibly toned friend had my attention, as did her results from her first 6 weeks.  It was time.... "FINEEEEE, tell me more"! 
I had been following Amanda Tress on Instagram for years, but turns out I really didn't know much about FWTFL at all. What is a "macro" anyway!?!?! The program is pretty extensive and I knew there would be a lot to learn but it was JUST what I needed. I needed structure and RULES! Intermittent fasting, carb cycling and counting macros...along with very specific workouts depending on how you're eating for that particular day - it doesn't get more structured than that. Two of my close friends decided to start along with me... support is always a good ingredient for success! 

At the start of the 6 week program (really 7 because the first week was "practice") I was SO excited to see how my body was going to respond. I had that pre-program high that I had at the start of the year. LET'S DO THIS! Time to level UP! Part two, coming soon! 
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  1. So proud of you and your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. ❤️

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