Monday, August 24, 2009


Yesterday afternoon we went and checked out Lake Sumter Landing. It is funny because it is like 2 miles away but we haven't been there yet! Anyway it is soooo beautiful there! So many shops and restaurants! And it was made to look like the Florida are a few pics that probably don't do it justice...

(note: the abundance of golf cart parking)

And here are some pics of the live entertainment and dancing in the square (they have it every day)...

I wa impressed how everyone was line dancing and they all knew the moves....until it suddenly occurred to me they were just doing the "electric slide" to "ride Sally ride"!!
--> Stephanie
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  1. Looks like good times and oh so pretty!

  2. By the way it me MomSco that made the last comment, just in case you didn't figure it out - LOL!


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