Sunday, October 24, 2010


....POLO! Stephen is laughing at me, not with me...I don't care because I think I'm funny! Soooo, we went to Polo today with my neighbor Lindsey (who just happens to be from Sayville...weird) and her boyfriend David! After polo, we went to see Paranormal Activity 2, and I might just have to sleep with the lights on tonight...just saying... are PICS...


  1. How fun! Polo is a pretty cool sport - I'd love to go :) I can't believe you went to see Paranormal Activity 2. I refuse to see it after seeing the first one! Miss you guys! <3

  2. Just another day at "The Villages" blue skies, warm days, fun things to do and nice people to share in the festivities - you guys have it made - Love, MomSco


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