Sunday, September 16, 2012

What's cooking this week & Exhaustion

I came off of this week feeling JUST like this little guy...

I'm only planning through Wednesday this week, there is a lot going on!!! For the past few weeks, nothing has gone as planned...we had a lot of Subway, and Chinese food nights thrown into the mix. Oh well, it happens! I guess you can never be completely prepared! Here is what I have planned for this week:

Tonight - Chicken Tortilla Soup (will probably end up being a combo of this recipe and this recipe) & Crock Pot Apple Sauce (for tomorrow)
Monday - Pork Chops & Apple Sauce with mashed yukon gold potatoes & pear salad
Tuesday - Sausage Veggie Subs
Wednesday - Grandpas Marinara & salad

I am SUPER excited about making the crock pot apple sauce! I made it last year, and it makes the apartment smell amazing!!! I'm thinking I will have a few hours of yummy apple smell, before I start making the chicken tortilla soup. Those two scents are probably not the best combination, but I don't know how I could avoid it! I can't do the pork chops tonight, the apple sauce won't be ready in time. So much to think about! Anywayssss....

We are having another uneventful weekend. I can't really say we are being "lazy" again, because our thank you card project is finally coming to a close. At least that is one thing I can check off of my list. I am getting all of my relaxation in now, because the next two weeks are PACKED! Besides work being super intense (I'm convinced there is something in the water), we will be taking a trip to Tallahassee next weekend, followed by a visit to Washington DC the weekend after that (just me not the hubs). Exciting things coming up, but in the meantime I am spending some quality time with my couch! Is there such a thing as too much sleep? I have had TWELVE hours of sleep each of the past 2 nights, and that isn't counting the naps! It just doesn't seem natural!

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