Sunday, September 23, 2012

What's cooking this week & Tallahassee

Going to make this quick, because it is late and hubby and I are going to watch a scary movie!  Here are the weekly recipe plans... 

Monday - Cousin Jen Casano's Apricot Chicken with asparagus
Tuesday - Taco Tuesday!  
Thursday - Sweet and Spicy Citrus Tilapia with green beans

I only planned through Thursday, because on Friday I am off on another adventure!  It is a strange coincidence that this weekend I visited the state's capital, and NEXT weekend I will be in the nation's capital.  Two completely unrelated excursions!  I just got home from experiencing Tallahassee with Lisa, Jen, and Will...goooood times!  We went to Game Day, did a little tailgating, watched the Seminoles/Clemson game at Po' Boys, ate a TON of food, accidentally learned what LARPing is (google it, you won't be disappointed), and stocked up on my favorite wafer cookies... Quadratini's (Mmmmmmm)!  I have the next few days to decompress before packing my bags all over again! 

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