Friday, January 25, 2013

Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Meatballs

I used to make these meatballs on their own without the mozzarella inside, and ever since I tried it this way...I have never gone back to the original way.  Why mess around?  These are delicious!  I usually make them when I have some leftover Grandpa's Marinara sauce.  I eat these all on their own, usually with a side of a roasted veggie.  Often times, I will boil up a little pasta for hubby (depending on just how much sauce I have left).  With or without pasta, I know you will love these!

1 lb. - ground turkey meat
8 baby carrots
1/2 onion
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese
1/2 tbsp Italian seasoning
1 egg white
3/4 cup of unseasoned breadcrumbs (cut out the Italian seasoning if using the seasoned breadcrumbs)
Block of part skim mozzarella cut into 3/4 inch cubes
Marinara sauce for dipping

(Preheat oven to 375 degrees)
1. Put turkey meat into a large bowl. Pulse carrots, onions, and garlic in a food processor then add to bowl with turkey meat. Add Parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, egg white, bread crumbs, and a little bit of salt and pepper.
2. Get your hands into the mix, mush it all together....roll into balls with a cube of mozzarella inside. I usually make them about 2 inches around. Last time I ended up with about 14 meatballs.
3. Bake for 40-45 minutes.
4. Serve with marinara sauce for dipping.


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    1. If you try them let me know what you think! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I get so excited when I hear my stuff is being cool! Thanks!!! :)

  3. These look delicious! Definitely going to give these a whirl!


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