Monday, January 21, 2013

What's cooking this week?

Sorry folks....there isn't much of anything cooking this week!  After work tomorrow, I will be heading over to Jacksonville for a master schedule building conference!  Oooooh exciting stuff, I know!  I really am excited about it though, haha!  I'll cook today since I'm off, and then I have one more meal planned for the end of the week...but that's it!
Tonight: Sunday sauce, and an arugula salad 
Friday or Saturday: Tacos

I know it's Monday, but obviously it feels like a Sunday so I'm going with it.  Also, hubby will have some leftover pasta for the week.  This almost seems too easy!  This weekend has been great, nothing crazy going on mostly just relaxing.  Yesterday we did some shopping, saw Silver Linings Playbook (loved it), and went out for dinner.  Today will more than likely be another relaxation day... I'll be stirring sauce all day and I'm fine with that!  Gotta love three day weekends!  I would like to start a new book today, let me know if you have any recommendations!  Have a great week friends!  :)
A sneak peak at just *some* of the goodies I picked up at Pier 1...can't wait to put these to use with my new and improved lighting!!!


  1. The Clan of the Cave Bears is nice. It has been passed around my office for a reason. It's a wonderful read.

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    -Heather @ From Here to There

  3. love the placemats! #foodbloggeralert :)

  4. Found you through Wifessionals. Love your blog especially the meal planning. I'm the same way!

  5. Oh! And I teach 8th grade LA - feel your pain. ;o)

  6. Hi new follower here, wanted to say hi, and recommend the book Gone Girl if you haven't already read it.

  7. Hi, New Follower!!!


  8. Super cute I can not wait to see your new cloths with your posts!


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