Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Party like it's 1990...and enter to win an $80 Target gift card!!!

Giveaway time!!! 
Thanks so much to Annie from Annie One Can Cook for putting this together...and of course Happy HAPPY Birthday to her!
I'm psyched to be a part of her special Birthday Giveaway!  :)


Kristine, Melanie, Christina, Dara, Stephanie, Dara, Tessa & Annie are ready to party like it's 1990--are you?!

Annie (Annie One Can Cook), Melanie (Van Wynsberg Nest), Stephanie (Never the Same Spice Twice), Dara (Not in Jersey), Dana (Lil Family Blog), Tessa (Tessacotton), Kristine (Heart Shaped Sweat) & Christina (Juggling Real Food and Real Life)

All of the lovely ladies listed above have pitched in for an $80 gift card to Target! That's an adorable new wardrobe! Or new home decor! Follow the Rafflecopter below to enter! 


  1. BOY MEEETTS WOOOORRLLLLLLD (when this boy meets world) ya I bet the theme song is in your head now! *mission accomplished*

  2. I loved, loved, loved Mad About You! :) I actually love watching re-runs of Friends now even though I really didn't watch the show when it was on in the 90's, lol.

  3. I loved Friends & Dawson's Creek

  4. I love watching Full House and Friends. Okay, I still do!

  5. Family Matters for sure! Loved Urkel!

  6. I loved Beverly Hills 90210 and lived for Dawson's creek!!


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