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Mamma & Baby "Must-Haves"

I've been meaning to share this with you all since FOREVER ago! I kept thinking of different items I wanted to add to this list, and I wasn't able to make it happen any sooner. Now that I am three months in, I have a much better sense of the things that are essential for not only Baby, but for Mamma too! These are the things that I couldn't have done without...
Mamma & Baby Must-Haves
Mamma & Baby Must-Haves by stephanie-skoblicki

1. Target Tanks - I wore these pre-pregnancy, during my pregnancy, and now post-pregnancy! I love them because they are nice and long. Get them in every color! I pretty much live in these!
2. Pandora Radio - Whenever Ella is getting fussy, I just pop my phone or iPad on the dock and blast some tunes. Our favorite stations are Rockabye Baby (amazing), Disney, and Hip Hop Road Trip Radio (of course). 
3. Gilligan O'Malley Nursing Bras - Since I knew I would be nursing, I bought quite a few nursing bras. These are by far the best (got them at Target), honestly they are the only ones I wear - especially if I'm just hanging around at home. 
4. Boon Grass Bottle Drying Rack and Flower - Love, love, LOVE! Not only are these incredibly functional for drying bottles, nipples, and pump parts...they also look totally adorable on my counter. Thanks to Ashley from Wannabe Green for this! I also ended up buying the twig for even more space to dry small parts. 
5. Loreal B.B. Cream - After all those sleepless nights your skin really starts to show it! This cream helped me look somewhat human, especially during that first month. 
6. Leggings - ANY leggings will do. Lately I've been loving all different colors and patterns. I would like to increase my collection. You could find me in them about 95% of the time! It's going to be a reality check on Monday when I officially trade them in for my work attire! 
7. Fitness Ball - You need one of these especially if you have a fussy baby who needs to be rocked and bounced CONSTANTLY. It was a lifesaver many times...for Ella...not our backs! Use it for emergencies only!
8. Dr. Brown's Deluxe Bottle Warmer - This thing rocks! My cousin recommended it and I'm so glad I put this on my registry. It doesn't take up much space at all and is super easy for heating bottles up to the perfect temperature. 
9. Itzbeen Pocket Baby Care Timer - I know what you're probably thinking... "Isn't there an app for that"? Yes, there are about a thousand I'm sure. I tried them, and I still like using this timer better. For some reason it was easier to just press the button to start and stop the timer rather than unlocking my phone and going into an app. A coworker gave this to me, she used it to keep track of diaper changes, and feedings for her twin boys. I just keep it by me and use it when I'm breastfeeding and reset it when I switch sides. 
10. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump - I don't have anything else to compare this to but I love it! It's small, portable, and super easy to use. Yes, it's expensive...I was lucky enough that someone let me borrow theirs (I only had to buy replacement parts for it). Honestly it is worth the investment if you have to buy one! If I needed to return this pump for some reason, I wouldn't hesitate to go out and buy this exact model. 
11. Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads - I like these better than the Medela ones, they don't show creases through the nursing bras. I have some washable ones too that I use when I'm at home but I like these better for when I go out...they are more seamless. 
12. Graco Glider Elite Gliding Swing- Brompton - We live in an apartment and I figured this would be a good way to save on space. Ella LOVES it! It took her a little while to warm up to it only because we couldn't put her down for those first few weeks at all. Now she loves taking her morning naps, and cruising in it. The chair comes off and is also a bouncer. Two in one....that's what I'm talking about! 

There are SO many products out there, I know how overwhelming it can be! All of these products really helped keep both me and Ella smiling as I adjusted to Mommyhood. Hope this helps you too! 

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