Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Some "Christmas-y" Things

Looking back at my past few blog posts, it's occurred to me that I haven't shared anything about Christmas! Silly me! This is completely cray considering we celebrated not once, but twice! First I've got to start off with our adorable Tiny Prints Christmas cards!
Even the back is cute! I kept trying to picture what our very first family Christmas card would look like, and they did not disappoint at all! This is one for the scrapbook for sure. 
Christmas part one was down with family in South Florida (on the actual day), and part two was a week after when my parents came to visit. Ella's first Christmas was a memorable one. She may not remember it, but Stephen and I certainly will. I'm SO looking forward to creating our very own family traditions...I'm going all out! I've already got some ideas for next year. Who's counting the days? I AM - only 352 more days! Ok fine, the last thing I want to do is rush this next year. Ella is already growing up way too fast, but it's nice to have something to look forward to! Here are some of my favorite moments from a very special and memorable holiday season...
And of course, none of it would feel complete without baking Grandma's Jelly Buttons! Now my baby girl is a part of the tradition. It doesn't get much better than that!
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  1. What a sweet little girl :) I just love her!! And I love your Christmas card :)

  2. Sooo sweet!! She is such a doll, I am sure next year will be SO fun with her! I am glad you guys had such a great first Christmas all together!


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