Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ella's Five Month Update

Here we are again already! It's time for another update on Miss Ella Rose! Just like last month, I'm late on this by a little over a week. Where do I begin? Things in the "Sko" home have been downright FUN! This kid is amazing...I'm only slightly biased. Seems like each month is more exciting than the last, and this past month brought a lot of new developments!
I know I said last month she had finally become a happy smiley baby...but somehow she has gotten even happier and smilier! What a JOY! No joke, she lights up the room with her big huge smile and beautiful eyes. My heart could explode I am so full of love for this girl! 
Ella is growing to be so strong and it's happening so fast. She is constantly exploring the world around her, feeling different textures and of course putting anything and everything in her mouth. I love how playful she is now! She has the kung-fu grip and she will grab your hair...or her newest thing is to grab at your cheeks. Now she rolls from front to back and back to front. Even though she has been doing it for a bit now it shocks me how quickly she flips herself over. Her jumparoo is becoming her new favorite activity. I'm not sure who is more entertained by it (it's probably me). She is also making new sounds, lately it's been sounding like she is saying "Bob". Again...I'm very entertained!

Teething is about as fun as (insert extremely "un-fun" example here) and we hate it. We have tried the Hyland's Teething Tablets and they seem to help a bit. Like I said, everything seems to make their way into her mouth so we keep Sophie the giraffe, and Coco the monkey close by - along with several other teethers! 

She eats solids now once a day around dinnertime! We started with a week of just oatmeal, then we introduced sweet potatoes for a week, followed by apples and then pears. She seems to like the sweet potatoes and pears best. The apples are a little tart and takes her a while to adjust to the taste. Overall, she seems to LOVE sitting and eating with us at the table. Such a big girl!
In addition to introducing her to solids, the biggest change this past month has been to her sleep routine. I'm not a fan of using the word "routine" because it will probably change again tomorrow. It's different in the sense that I no longer nurse her to sleep. Up until about 4 and a half months I was nursing her in our room and then transferring her to her room once she fell asleep. Now she gets a bottle (half breast milk, half formula) around 9 and we put her down right after. It's been working beautifully for about three weeks now. I've been afraid to admit it, hopefully I don't jinx it now! She has been sleeping through the night about 90% of the time! Because of the fact that I am missing out on nursing her one (or more) times in the middle of the night, my milk supply seems to be decreasing. I've been drinking my Milkmaid Tea and I heard that eating oatmeal helps. Any other tips? As far as naps go, she still takes her longest nap in the morning (about 3 hours) and then another one (about an hour) right before dinner. She loves snoozing in her glider with Kermie...

I think I covered all of the basics. Everyday has been incredible watching her grow and discover the world around her! It's already apparent that this next month is going to be another good one!
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  1. Time is flying, I cannot believe how fast she is growing! I know I've over used this statement but she is seriously such a gorgeous, happy, and beautiful baby!

  2. Holy Bananas I cant believe it has been 5 months! Teething is a beast of a time, just know that it will effect everything (sleep, eating, temp.,poop, & mood) the girls loved frozen wet rags. I can't wait to see what the next few months have in store.

  3. How is she already five months. She is such a gorgeous little baby!!


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