Friday, February 14, 2014

The Sweetest Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hubby and I are very excited about celebrating with our little sweetie! I'll be counting down the minutes until I can come home tonight (after I chaperone the Valentine's Day dance) and kiss those chunky cheeks. It won't be unlike every other night, but still! These photos from our quick Valentine's photo sesh yesterday were just too cute not to share!
Ella even brought some Valentines in for her friends at "school" today!
(I just had to!)
Hope it's a great day with the ones you love!
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  1. I just couldn't love her more! I don't know how you are able to part ways from her during the day and be a working Mom. She's just too darned precious! While I know that if we are ever blessed with a child of our own (other than Miller), he/she will have to go to daycare and I will have to go back to work after maternity leave-- I just think it would kill me if my Babe was anywhere as cute as your little Girl!!

  2. She is so cute!!! Isn't it amazing how holidays take on new meaning once you have kids?

  3. The little heart jacket with the bow? She is beyond adorable.

  4. Okay, I'm on a cute overload here. She's SO PRECIOUS!!!

  5. Such cute pictures!! And I love her name, precious.

  6. Oh she is so cute! My son (2 yrs) loves seeing her pictures :)


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