Sunday, May 11, 2014

You know you're a mom when...

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mammas out there...especially Mom Sco and Mom Sko!!! Oh how I wish Ella and I could spend the day with them today! Even though I was lucky enough to spend last weekend with my mom at the beach, I miss her already! Also Happy Mother's Day to all the new mommy's I know! Surely your sweet babies will treat you extra good today! XO

Obviously I'm very excited about my first Mother's Day! My friend Jaime told me she's taking her son Sawyer swimming for the first time, which gave me the idea to do the same with our little lady! She has yet to go all the way IN the water...should be interesting! A laid back day of fun in the sun with my girl? Yes please! 

It hasn't quite been a year that I've been a part of the "Mom Club". I'm not claiming to be a pro by ANY means, but I feel as though at this point I've put enough time in to be able to talk about some clear cut signs that you're a mom. Here are TEN, I'm sure many of you can relate!

1. Poop, pee, spit up, boogers...or any other mystery fluid you find around...none of it phases you anymore. 

2. You've slept with a burp cloth by your face. No, it's not clean. Why would it be?

3. You know the theme songs for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First - all of them. You also have them stuck in your head more often then not. 

4. You often eat dinner standing up, over the record setting time. 

5. You could do some serious damage at Target like you're in an episode of "Supermarket Sweep". It's a skill really. 

6. Anytime there's a recall on anything baby related, your e-mail and Facebook messages blow up. Thank god for those people keeping you in the loop! Who has time to keep up on the news?

7. You find yourself doing a lot of the things YOUR mom did that you swore you'd never do. And so it begins...

8. You've had lengthy talks with your husband about poop (consistency, texture, color, smell). Some days it's the only conversation. This happened most often during the first three months, but still occurs from time to time. 

9. The only way to take more photos is to delete a few off of your phone to make space. Usually there are a few blurry ones that could go, but it's still a little sad to get rid of it for good. 

10. You've actually started a conversation with "the funniest thing happened on (insert children's TV show here)"! And then you tried to find the clip on YouTube!

Happy Mother's Day!!!
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  1. Yes, I can totally relate!!
    Happy 1st Mother's Day...Hope it's been wonderful :)

  2. Yup, I can relate to most of these especially number 7, I never thought I would say or do things that my mom did...well, I have & quite often. Ha!

  3. so glad your day was a great one! cute pic too :)

  4. Hahaha this is great! I was reading down the list like, "yep....hahahaha yep....ohhh ya"


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