Sunday, February 21, 2016

What's cooking this week?

Wow, just glanced at the time and realized it's only 8:00 as I'm typing this! I usually like to procrastinate a bit before getting to my "to-do" list on a Sunday morning...but today I've got SO much to do in order to prepare for the week. Most importantly, part of my day will be spent putting the finishing touches on coordinating the ESOL testing we have happening all next week. The tricky part will be squeezing that all in during nap time! Challenge accepted! 
The plan is...
Sunday: In honor of ESOL testing, I'll be making my friend Elysia's Potato Quinoa Soup (she's our ESOL aide and her cooking is PHENOM!)
Monday: A playdate with Mal Smiles and Collins - I'm thinking tacos (shocking). This hasn't been discussed with her since she is out running all over Disney at the moment, something tells me my friend won't object!
Tuesday: Hasselback Chicken
Wednesday: Lentil Soup (I've got lentils for days in my pantry for some reason)
Thursday: Steak for Hubs and Greek Salad for me
Friday: Not planning any family meals because I'll be having a Pampered Chef party!

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted now that the BIG news of Baby #2 is out! My eating has been so off. I've been planning meals and either cooking them and not eating, or putting it off for days OR even into the next week. I guess that's why it's just a plan...but man, it has been a challenge! More on my totally wacked-out appetite another day. I need to get moving!
This pic was from last night, right before we went out to run some errands and then to dinner at Carrabba's with friends. It was the perfect Saturday night! 
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! 
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