Sunday, October 21, 2018

What's cooking this week?

Dear El + Em,
We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday for some "Fall fun". It was somewhere around 150 degrees but felt "Halloweeny" nonetheless. Today, the temps have finally dropped ...Mommy is making chili and I'm pretty sure we will all be bundled up under a blanket watching movies for a good part of the day! 
XO, Mom
(Side note - the temperature is currently 71 and the high is going to be 79, but I'll take it!)
Here's what's cooking!

Sunday: I went into the archives for this Turkey Veggie Chili (I think I need a do-over on this recipe, the pic is sooooo unappetizing)
Monday: Hummus Pizza (pretty sure this is officially a "thing" now)
Tuesday: "Tostada Tuesday"
Wednesday: Healthy Cream of Broccoli Soup and Steak for Hubs
Thursday: Fettuccini with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce (Spaghetti Squash for Mommy) 
Friday: French Bread Pizza Mummies

I'm hoping that the girls eat the pumpkin pasta on Thursday. You just NEVER know with them....they are so inconsistent. If one eats it then usually the other will too, but it's a guessing game. This morning we made these yummy Pumpkin Banana Pancakes, and I've got a bunch of pumpkin puree leftover so I figured it was worth trying.
Wishing you all a very sweet Sunday!

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