Sunday, November 25, 2018

What's cooking this week?

Dear El + Em,
Our Thanksgiving trip to NY was amazing! You both had an incredible time visiting with friends and family. You loved the leaves, climbing all the stairs, playing in all the basements/playrooms and spending time with so many people who love you both so very much! We just got home tonight after a long day of traveling, and you're both tucked into bed and sound asleep. I'm over here trying to figure out how to plan healthy meals that we ALL will enjoy this week. After that...I'll be joining you in dreamland! Thank you both for being the sweetest little travelers there ever were.
XO, Mom
What's cooking? Wait! Do I really have to cook? What I really mean I really have to eat?! I'm  SO full. Full from Thanksgiving dinner and then the subsequent delicious leftovers....but also just full overall from...eating New York. Yup. I ate New York. 

Looks like I'm cooking LIGHT this week! I'll at least try to keep it light for myself, and bulk it up for the rest of the fam. This week also kicks off a TOTAL game-changer! My Instant Pot arrives on Monday (at least it better), and I plan to put it to use right away! 

Here's what I'm thinking...

Sunday: Red Lentil Pasta w/ Homemade Spicy Tomato Sauce and Spinach (the girls will have with butter/EVOO and some broccoli)
Monday: Hummus Pizza
Tuesday: Instant Pot Refried Beans (I'll have over cauliflower rice....prob make burritos for the rest of the crew)
Wednesday: Instant Pot Ramen
Thursday: Greek Chicken Bowls (I'm going to attempt my first creation in the instant pot)
Friday: Veggie Pizza for me and steak for Hubs

Besides attempting to make up for a week of indulging, we will be over here getting our lives back on track and of course decorating the house for Christmas! Yay!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that today you have a festive and restful Sunday!
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