Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"Antipast" Repost

It's been SIX years since I posted my Mom's yummy recipe and I still don't know how to say it. I'm realizing that the correct way is probably "antipasto", yet I swear I've hear Giada say "antipasti" (maybe I imagined this). ALL throughout my life....Mom (and the rest of the fam for that matter) has called it either "antipasta" or just "antipast" for short. I'm pulling an executive decision and going with that! Since we're in the midst of the holiday season, I thought it was time for a repost. Absolutely nothing has changed as far as the secret formula for this deliciousness....BUT this year I opted to hold out on the romaine lettuce for two reasons....
1. I feel like it ends up getting soggy when it comes to leftovers
2. It's apparently contaminated again

Sooooo....I decided to pass. I also seasoned the dressing a little differently, but otherwise I didn't mess with what works. It is VERY tried and true! I promise it will be a big hit AND it is just as good for breakfast the next day! #traditions

(*Sidenote - if anyone has one of those GIANT old school, light green tupperwares they would like to pass on to me that would be super. The aluminum tin is not the classic Rose Scoma way to make this!!!)
This fed a crowd of over 20 people the other day - with leftovers to spare!!!

You will need:
*chop into half inch cubes
(get salami from the deli counter....ask them to cut it in one or two large chunks)
-1/2 lb. of genoa salami
-1/2 lb. of hard salami  
-1 large link of pepperoni (or 2 small links of pepperoni) ***Make sure you peel off the casing

*chop into half inch cubes
-Wedge of sharp provolone
-Wedge of soft/mild provolone
-Large block of mozzarella (part skim)
-Large block of cheddar

-4-6 stalks of celery (slice in half then chop)
-2 carrots (slice in half then chop)

-3 cans of extra large black olives (drain....slice in 3)
-2 jars of small green olives (no pits...drain...slice in half)
-2 jars of marinated artichoke hearts (slice them if they aren't already quartered) ***USE THE JUICE
-2 cans of regular artichoke hearts (quartered) - DRAINED
-2 small jars of sliced marinated mushrooms ***USE THE JUICE
-2 cans of regular (non-marinated) mushrooms (sliced) - DRAINED
-2 jars of DRAINED sliced pimentos

-olive oil
-red wine vinegar
-balsamic vinegar (this is my addition)
-Italian seasoning - oregano, garlic powder....whatever you like (also my addition)
-Italian bread

*Sorry to get all "shouty" about the draining, and non-draining of liquids - but this is VERY important!  (There I go again.) put everything together, meats, cheeses, veggies...and very carefully the canned/jarred ingredients (paying close attention to what gets drained, and what doesn't).  

The dressing is obviously made up of the juices from the marinated artichoke hearts and mushrooms + olive oil and red wine vinegar (to taste).  My mom doesn't add any extra seasoning...she keeps the dressing simple...but I threw in a little oregano and garlic powder because I'm an animal. 

Toss it all together, let it sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes before serving with bread....and enjoy (even though I know you will have already been picking on it during the whole prep process)!!!!
Chop up the meat and cheese the night before to help with assembly on the day of! 
Watch out for olive snatchers!
Okay, I lied...I threw on a little parmesan cheese too....but this isn't necessary!
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