Sunday, December 16, 2018

What's cooking this week?

Dear El + Em,
Things are getting real "Christmasy" and real exciting around here! We saw Santa TWICE this past week....once at Grandma's job and a second time at an awesome model train show that we went to. Last night we went to Chloe and Corinne's house to make gingerbread houses, and today I plan to start our first batch of Jelly Buttons for the year! Exciting!
XO, Mom
There is still so much to be done....mostly gifts to be bought and wrapped. YIKES! I'm not one of those people who have that done early. I've never been, yet this year I feel more behind than usual. Oh well, it always comes together in the end, but this week is going to be a super easy week of dinners. It's a pretty unimpressive lineup of meals, but I'll share anyway...

Monday:  Hummus Pizza (it's been too long)
Tuesday: Tacos!!!
Wednesday: Turkey Bacon BLT's on pretzel buns (Ella and I are going to a Christmas concert)
Thursday: Steak for Hubs and Mac n' Cheese for the girls (I have a Christmas dinner thing with some work peeps)
Friday: White Pizza (IF I get out of work at a decent time we may shape it into a snowman....just maybe)

Happy Sunday!
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