Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Went Digi!!!

Well, the road trip is coming up veryyyy soon! In 2 weeks and a wake-up I will be starting the cross country journey! Yayyy!!! So I'm thinking about all of the stuff I will be packing! Considering I never pack lightly for even a week long is going to be tough keeping it to a minimum! Poor Stephen doesn't know yet, but his whole back seat is going to be taken up with all of my junk! Anyway I'm thinking about how much scrapping has been part of my life these past few months, and it is weird to think that I will be away from it for so long! But wait......there is a solution to this problem....I WENT DIGI!! I am still in the process of learning....I don't think that process will ever be done, Photoshop is a hell of a program! But considering I just started a few days ago, I don't think I have done too bad...Here are my first ever three layouts...

Also here is a little signature avatar thingy that I made for A Cherry On Top....

(**Notice the ladybugs)
I am absolutely psyched that I get to scrap in the car...think of all I will be able to get accomplished....AND I will be able to scrap the trip WHILE I'm on the trip! I gotta say this technology thing blows my mind! So in the mean time I am trying to cram as much photoshop knowledge into my brain....and download as many freebies as possible! If anyone knows any good websites with freebies or cheap kits please let me know!! So excited to see what else I can learn!

But back to paper scrapping.... there is an ACOT crop this weekend that I am very excited about! I just stocked up on Tombow refills at Joannes! K gotta go work on my photoshopping skills.....


  1. You are doing AWESOME! Way better than I did on my first 3 pages! LOL

  2. wow.. your layouts are great.. and I see you got your siggie complete. I love it.. =)

  3. forgot this..


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