Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Sketch World

So my newest thing is that I want to be able to make a layout by working off of a sketch. I think in a way it is good that I don't rely on them becuase it means that I am comfortable creating layouts on my own! But then again, some of my layouts are pretty basic so it would be nice to "expand my horizons" a bit! There are so many AMAZING sketch artists out there! I think that if I put a little more effort into following a sketch as a guideline, I might be pleasantly surprised with what I end up with!

Soooo....what better way to do this than to join a new message board called "My Sketch World". I had seen the blinkie on quite a few blogs while I have been browsing around and I just couldn't resist! So I signed up last night, already recieved a warm welcome from the ladies on the board and I decided to jump right in and do the April sketch challenge!! This is the sketch...

I knew the perfect picture to use!! This picture is from one of Kaci's (the little girl I babysit) many trips to my house to visit Penny. I altered the picture on my i-Phone using an application called "color splash". It is pretty awesome becuase you can make the picture black and white and then choose which objects you want to put back to being color! It is sort of an easy way to do this technique without having to use photoshop! It is sometimes difficult to get into the little nooks and crannies with the touch screen but...still worth the $1.99 (I think) that I paid for it! Here are a few previous blog posts where I showed the technique I used with this app...
Color Splash
Okay so I was actually babysitting today and I decided to have a little fun with this sketch instead of doing boring school stuff! Here is what I was able to come up with...

Pretty cute, huh! Thank god Kim (Kaci's mom) is a scrapper too (actually she is awesome and a big reason why I got into it as soon as I did)...becuase I was able to use her cricut, glue dots, and brads! There is no way I was lugging my giant Cricut expression over there! Kim and I have an alliance....we borrow each others cartridges and she is allowed to use my cricut if she needs to scallop paper! It is wonderful! Especially since I am broke!!

So all in all, I'd say my experience over at My Sketch World is so far so good! Can't wait to get more involved in the whole wide world of sketches!


  1. Stephanie, you took that sketch and ran away with it! It turned out awesome. I love to use sketches, but like you don't want to become dependent upon them. Good to see you got the blinkie up too. I hate that I was so "dumb" in getting the code to you. I knew what it was just didn't know how to explain it.

  2. Great job with the sketch! I like using them sometimes as well, especially if I can't come up with the perfect design, it's nice to have a starting point, even though I rarely copy it exactly.

  3. Wow you did a great job with the sketch!! Love what you did with the photo using color splash.

  4. WOW Stephanie! Your LO is just awesome! I have that sketch sitting on my desk to do this week (I'm hoping). Great blog too! I'll be seeing you over at the MSW forum.


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