Friday, April 10, 2009

What have I been doing all week??

So...I have had some time off! Catching up on some much needed rest has been wonderful...just as wonderful as waking up every morning and getting to lounge in bed with this little bundle of love....

LOL!!! I know she is thinking "How can you resist this's not going to rub itself you know!"
So I haven't been a total bum (only in the mornings).....I have filled out lots more applications, and packaged some resumes and cover letters that I sent out on Tuesday! That felt good to get rid of some of those! I also got some scrapping done! (Of course....but still not as much as I would have liked)
So this first one I actually worked on with my mom! I am trying to get her into scrapbooking so badly! I know that she would love it AND be so good at it! She is really good at coordinating colors and arranging things! BUT one thing she isn't so keen on....memories! Strange...i know...but some things just make her sad! I guess I could sorta understand that! But I am a huge reminisce-er (made-up word...add it to the collection) I still think it is a little weird! But as soon as she has grandkids I am sure she is going to want to join me in the giant scrap-fest that will ensue!!!!

So yea I LOVE how it came out! Seriously she helped come up with most of was her idea to sew the thread in the buttons to make them look like they were holding the pictures on. She also selected all the paper and chipboard! These pics are awesome they are from when we went to California in 2000! I am 15 and Pete is like 12! Kinda awkward, huh? See these are the memories we must preserve!
Anyway this next layout I made for the April "Let the Music Move You" challenge on ACOT where we had to use lyrics from the song "We Are Family"
I chose "Living life is fun and we've just begun"
It is funny because I really was thinking about scrapping these photos and using something about "the beginning" in the title....since these pics are really from the first time I met some of Stephens 2 weeks in! Awwww! I used the Basic Grey...Porcelain collection...isn't it beautiful?!?!?

And one last reveal for is a card that I made for another ACOT challenge...actually it is Angela's Card challenge. I had to use this card sketch from Becky Flecks page maps....

This is what I came up with using some more Basic Grey, Porcelain....(I just love it, can't ya tell) is kinda simple, but I like it! I am going to give it to Stephen's mom and score some more points! (suck-up!)

Anyway I have a lot to get done! I need to finish doing my hair (taming the beast?) and then get a head start on this horrible long icky paper that I intend to do the bulk of tomorrow! Then my friend Joanna is coming over for wine and cheese night!! Yippee!


  1. Well you have been busy. Love your layouts and the card you've made!! Hope you get your Mum into scrapping. I just love it when Sandie (DD) and I get to scrap together. I am off to stay with her in 10 days time and we are going to a reatreat together. Can't wait!

  2. hi there.. that picture of your dog is soooo darn cute.. what a sweetie..
    you did a great job on the layout challenges.. i haven't done any over at ACOT lately.. maybe tonight..

    have a good weekend. =)

  3. I love the card you made for my card challenge Stephanie!


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