Monday, June 15, 2009

First 2...

OK...on Sunday I FINALLY got back to scrapping....or as the "cherries" over at ACOT say...I got my "mojo" back! I got a few pictures from the trip (literally a few) printed at CVS, and I used my Michaels giftcard that I got from Stephen's sister for graduation! (Thanks Sharyn) When I got home, I cleaned and organized my "scrapbook nook". All these things were all the incentive I needed to get back into scrapping!! It was wonderful! Here is the first layout that I made on Sunday...

And here is the second that I did today...

The journaling says:
"Wipeout Hill is one of the most horrifying obstacles we encountered in Moab, Utah! This is one of my favorite pictures taken by Pat! I love how we are all gathered around contemplating whether or not to take on this obstacle. Only one person had the nerve to try out wipeout hill...."Crazy Guy"! (of course) I have to say it was fun watching that nut!
So what else is new...
I filled out MAD APPLICATIONS....yes I said "MAD"'s true though! Fingers crossed that I hear SOMETHING from ANYONE! At least then I will know that all these efforts were not for nothing! OK gotta get some rest!


  1. ok.
    the new brain twister rhymes kinda like a poem, i put them both together between my poem writing and braintwister making and here it is...
    "i am a mile from end to end, yet as close to u as a friend. a precious commodity, freely given, seen not on the dead, but on the living. found on rich, poor, short, and tall, but shared with children most of all."
    ur cuz,
    kristen :P

  2. Love the scrapping :) Good luck on the job hunt, I know you guys will find something soon!

  3. i <3 pie and cheese

  4. The layouts are so great! The fonts are so fun ;)


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