Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday #1

Two posts in one night?!?!  What is this?  2009???

Thanks a bunch to Kristin from w/ milk & sugar, for educating me about "link-ups".  After years of doing the blog thing, I feel like a newbie!  I came home and did the usual post-work dose of blog stalking...when I discovered Thankful Thursdays hosted by Jessie.  I'm so in.  Here it goes...
I'm thankful husband

Where do I begin?  I'll make it short and sweet...
Stephen is the perfect husband, and I do not forget for a second how lucky I am to be married to him.  Every day is an adventure, and the best part is that our journey has only just begun.  Love him! 

I'm thankful for...our family

These people have been there through it ALL...we literally could not have made it this far without them.  I wish we didn't all live so far away, think about and miss them always.  We love you guys!!!

I'm thankful for...our friends
These guys ROCK!  The other day, I was thinking about how not only have we made a life down here...we have also met such an awesome group of friends.  They make the fact that our family lives so far a little easier!

Ok...I'm done with the mushy stuff.

I have time to share one more thing I am thankful for...

Enough said.


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