Saturday, June 22, 2013

Amie @ AmieBelle {Guest Post}

I'm Amie, a 28 year old, aspiring photographer, all things entertainment and beauty obsessed Brit, living in California!  I have a ginger tom named Ollie, who is practically my child, and a wonderful "fur baby dad" in my boyfriend Shawn!  I created AmieBelle as a way to reach out to others, share my passion for all things trendy, and hopefully make a few new friends along the way!  I hope my blog is inspiring!

After "meeting" one of my newest blog friends, Stephanie, of Never The Same Spice Twice, she offered for me to write a blog post for her blog.  If you follow my blog, you know I don't regularly write food related blog posts.  I get irritated and impatient, and forget to take pictures of my final products, and just eat them instead. Thankfully, Stephanie's blog has inspired me to try and chronicle my love of food and cooking too.

As I'm sure you'd all agree, Stephanie's blog is a fantastic chronicle of life, love, food, and her completely adorable baby belly! We have a few things in common, we both work in education, and we are both completely addicted to the A Beautiful Mess app for Instagram.  Stephanie is also a wonderful person, whom I love receiving emails from. This has to be the biggest perk of the blogosphere, meeting great people and reliving the childhood memories of having a pen pal.

Even though it has taken me a while, here is my very quick and easy, weeknight meal post.  It doesn't really have a name, just a concoction of veggies, ravioli's, and some amazing heirloom basil sausage, the boyfriend found at Costco.  It's a perfect meal for a weeknight.  Easily takes less than 20 minutes to make, and you can still use the grill! I do live in California after all!
heirloom basil sausage or other of your choice (I usually use chicken apple)
butternut squash ravioli
red bell pepper
yellow onion
pine nuts
olive oil
sea salt and pepper
Tuscan seasonings (optional)
chili flakes

Prep the veggies. Turn on grill. Heat saute pan with oil, and set a pot of water to boil.  Grill sausages. Saute veggies and pine nuts, adding seasonings of your choice.  Cook fresh raviolis in boiling water. Plate.  Voilà, dinner is ready! So quick and easy!
Love Amie x

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