Friday, June 21, 2013

High Fiving From NY!

Technically I won't be in NY until later this afternoon, but high five anyway for almost reaching our destination.  Thanks to the beauty of scheduling posts (also "high five worthy"), I'm probably snoozing at Mallory's house right now after a fun night full of yummy food...and lots of laughs I'm sure!
Let's take a look at my eventful week leading up to this beautiful Friday...
1.  For Father's Day, I picked up these adorably onesies for the hubs (well for the get it).  It isn't easy to hold back, I basically wanted to buy one of everything that said "Daddy" on it!
2.  My Conscious Box arrived, FULL of tons of goodies...I may do a review at some point.  
3.  I know I posted this in my bumpdate, but I literally CAN NOT get enough of Baby Girl's adorable profile!
4.  Since we were going away, I had to do something with all of our basil...I spent Wednesday morning making a bunch of pesto, and even some garlic and basil infused olive oil.  Yum!
5.  My days of painting my own toes have come to an is pedicures from this point on.  I was proud that I got one last self pedi in before our trip!

Linking up...
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That's it for me...I have a bunch of guest posts planned for the upcoming week.  If you follow me on Instagram, expect a TON of updates from NY!   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ohhh love the sound of that olive oil- basil and garlic are two of my fave things :)

  2. I would love an excuse to not have to paint my own toes. No matter how hard I try to sit still I inevitably ding them up within minutes, compared to the flawless look when I shell out the $20.


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