Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ella's Six Week Update

Whoops...I missed out on doing an update at the one month point, so here we are at SIX weeks! I can't get enough of this face!

Our little beauty is sure giving us a run for it, I knew she would! I had been saying she was a wild one throughout my entire pregnancy! Little Miss Ella has been fussing A LOT. If she is not eating or sleeping, she is screaming her head off about 90% of the time. Yes, babies cry...and yes some babies are obviously fussier than others...but she seems to be experiencing discomfort. It has to be more than ordinary infant gas. On the rare occasion I catch her in a happy moment, I am sure to take a bajillion photos! Her little smile is just about the sweetest thing I've ever laid eyes on. My mission is to figure out what is bothering her so we could have more smiley moments!
A few weeks ago she was put on Zantac for reflux, yesterday the Pediatrician switched her to Prilosec to see if it works better. One thing that's been on my mind is the possibility that there is something in my diet that has been hurting her little tummy. It's impossible to pinpoint what that may be being that I breastfeed, and I feed her pumped milk too. I also supplement three bottles a day with formula. After talking with a few people, it sounds like she just might have a milk protein allergy. At this point, I'm cutting all dairy out of my diet as well as switching her formula to Nutramigen. Does anyone have experience with this formula? It does not smell good! She is taking it, but I think she knows something is different. Such a smarty pants...
 So obviously cutting dairy will be a huge challenge but I'm willing to try it out just to see if that is the problem. I'm not sure how long I could keep up a dairy free diet but I sure will try my best for my little peanut!
Besides the almost constant fussing she is doing well. We have figured out a few ways to soothe her, the best way is to bounce on my exercise ball. Stephen and I have major back aches from the constant bouncing, we have to take shifts. My favorite thing to do is to put on hip hop music and dance around with her, she sometimes loves that! She likes the moby wrap and usually falls right to sleep, until I sit down. Basically I just do laps around the apartment and take in the silence, sometimes I'll do a few laps around the complex! A lot of these things you could only do for so long but it's nice that we at least have options (a few weeks ago there was NOTHING we could do)! She also loves the sound of the vacuum...until it turns off. 

 She is up to 8 lbs. 1 oz. (fom 5 lbs. 13 oz.). Not too shabby for 6 weeks. She has been a lot more alert, and seems to respond to the sound of our voices. She will even flash a little smile every once in a mostly happens right before she poops. Ha! Her eyes are still that newborn blue/grey color. I still think they look more blue than grey but I wouldn't be surprised if she woke up one day with brown eyes. Bath time is usually soothing for her except for when we take her out of the water, then she freaks out. I couldn't resist snapping this pic! My poor little ducky!
It has not been easy by any means, especially with family and friends living so far from us - but Hubs and I are doing the best we can....actually I'd say we are doing an amazing job! We love this little girl so much and will bounce as long as she needs, but I sure do hope going dairy free helps her little tummy! I can't wait to have some more happy and content time with my sweet pea! 

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  1. what a little pumpkin!
    I love your daily ella-grams.
    She is such a doll, you guys are doing an amazing job, and you make a WONDERFUL mommy!

  2. I think my favorite thing about you being a Mom is your honesty haha Also, your little duck is pretty cute too! I can't wait to meet her in December and call Kath or Tim if y'all need anything. They are happy to help!

  3. Ms. Ella is so beautiful! While I have no experience with being a mama (yet, heres hoping soon), I have heard that lots of mamma's have to cut out dairy because their little one's have a hard time with it. Good luck with cutting out the dairy. You can do it! :)

  4. My little guy did the same thing. Looking back I think it was because I was supplementing with formula, and since then I've heard from a couple others and our doctor that it might have been the cause of his fussiness. Because when I was only breastfeeding he was content. Once we added in one bottle of formula at night his digestion got messed up. And he wasn't really happy again until we eventually switched to only formula. I think something about the mix of the two different things is harder on them? I hope this helps! Things will eventually get better, just hang in there!!!

  5. I had to cut out dairy as well. I now drink soy milk. There's a dark chocolate version and it is so delicious,and it cures a mean sweet tooth. :) Ice cream has been the hardest thing for me to give up. I usually sneak a little after Wyatt goes to bed at night. ;) Good luck, you can do it!

  6. Only you would have the cutest newborn baby ever!

  7. the last pic is my fave. so precious, so real, still SO CUTE!!!! love it.

  8. Such a cutie!! You guys are doing awesome for sure!

  9. Loving the update but as you know, I'm "all over" the IG pictures! What types of meat are you eating?


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