Friday, October 4, 2013

We Meet Again!

It's Friday. Again...already!?! These weeks are going a little too fast! I can't believe I'm already a month into my maternity leave. Scratch that. I can't believe my little lady is already a month old! What?! She has come such a long way in just a month, it's craziness! It's been so fun watching her grow and develop over the past few weeks, I can only imagine what another month will bring! 

I'm SO over being cooped up all day long, and I'm pretty sure the peanut is too. Ella and I did manage to venture out a few times this week which was great. We will be getting out of the house some more with Hubs and the in-laws this weekend! We are going out to walk around the square and grab a late lunch in a few, then we are making a yummy chicken corn soup for dinner. YUM! 

Here are some of this past week's highlights!
1. Lately Stephen is the one making dinner when he gets home from work, especially if I am just starting to feed the baby. I should have him do it more often, this pizza came out DELISH!
2. One of our nightly routines now is bouncing Ella on the ball. Hubs and I take shifts. 
3. As you would probably guess, of course my phone is LOADED with photos of the peanut!
4. My sweet little lady is one month already, such a big girl! XO
5. I can't believe that I already broke into the milestone stickers! Whoa!

Do you all have anything fun planned for the weekend? 
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  1. It is crazy how fast the time goes by! And I love that picture of her, her little hands are so cute and that headband, is adorable!

  2. Oh my! I adore that flower headband. You little girlie is beautiful!

  3. love the seeing the sweet, precious pics of your babe even more!!!! she is a doll!

    found you on the linkup..excited to be a new follower!!!


  4. That baby is ADORABLE! And yay for getting out of the house! Have fun!!

  5. ahhhI love love LOVE Ella pictures, she is such a sweetheart.

  6. Loving all of the pictures of the Little Miss.. I already take so many pictures of my Goddaughters and my Best Friend's little guy so I cannot imagine what my phone would be filled with if I had a new little gem! On a side note-- do you have the iphone 4? It looks like you are about to Ella's photos rather quickly. My phone seems to be so slow at times and I love how you are able to get so many precious faces!!


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