Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013...My Favorite of All My Years!

The title says it all, 2013 was by far the most incredible year. The awesomeness literally started from day one. Well technically it started from the day before day one. This time last year is when I found out I was pregnant! We were traveling home from our Christmas trip to New York on New Years Eve. I had suspected I might be pregnant but like the past three or four months prior I thought I was just getting my hopes up or playing mind games with myself. What I should have done was buy a pregnancy test BEFORE we left NY instead of waiting until I came home. It would have been nice to tell my parents in person, however the look of shock on their face when we told them via FaceTime only hours after we said goodbye to them was pretty priceless (I'm so impatient)!

My sweet brother knew just how special this past year has been for me (obv), and had my blog posts from 2013 turned into a book! Yes, a book!!! I've said I always wanted to do this some day, but let's face it...when on earth would I have gotten around to that?!? This was the perfect gift in so many ways. What a thoughtful little him!
Naturally my entire pregnancy and the birth of Ella Rose were the highlights of such a phenomenal year!
Here are my favorite posts from 2013:
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Ella Rose is here!
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Ella's Birth Story
I'm looking forward to watching my little lady grow and reach new milestones over the next year!
2014 has A LOT to live up to!
Happiest New Year Friends!
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  1. That was such a thoughtful gift from your brother! I love it!

  2. How did he manage to do that!? That is such an awesome gift - something I'd love to do someday, too!

  3. What an awesome gift!
    So happy for you and your family... I have enjoyed following your journey this past year and look forward to the next year! :-)

    Susan @thefoodette

  4. Ahh I love that picture of your little cutie pie! And that was such an amazing gift from your brother--how very sweet! Happy New Year!


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