Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ella's Three Month Update

Our little girl is THREE months old already (since last week)! Ella Rose is such a sweetheart, somehow I find a way to love her more and more every day!

Even when she is making angry faces at me, I can't help but laugh a little. She is just too stinkin' easy to love!

It was really hard to believe, but turns out you were all right! Three months is a magical time where everything just completely seems to fall into place. Granted things started improving once I cut the dairy from my diet, but now we are in the zone! She has been SO good, this kid has improved tremendously. It seemed like I would never use the words "Ella" and "content" in a sentence...but it's happened! Yes, she has a rough patch every so often (who doesn't?) but they are much fewer and farther between.

Our 12 lb. 2 oz. little fatty is a growing girl! Her rolls have rolls, it's adorable. I'm not sure how long she is but she is starting to outgrow some of her three month onesies already. Hubs and I have packed up a bunch of her sad! Her hair is a very light brown and she is getting that bald spot on the back of her head that most kids get. Her eyes are still very light. Lately they have been gold on the inside, and grayish on the outside...I'm thinking they may end up hazel? Who knows, but it's fun seeing how they change. The latest development has been the sweet little sounds she has been making. We've noticed that the past two days she has been coo-ing up a storm!
Day in and day out I'm just amazed by how much she is learning. She is super interactive and smiley, it's so fun! I crack up when she imitates us by sticking out her tongue. Her neck is still a tiny bit wobbly, we  can only keep her in her Bumbo chair for very short periods of time. She loves it even if it is only for a few minutes.  Although most of the time I need to place objects in her hands, she is beginning to reach out and grab some toys. She especially loves her little crinkle toys. They go into her mouth immediately. Between all the drool and her constantly eating her hands I'm convinced she is teething. Is it too early for that? She hasn't rolled over yet but she has mastered the "superman" move when she's on her tummy...I'm sure rolling is getting close.
Another one of her newest things that she started a few weeks ago is that she rolls up and grabs her toes. When she is sitting on my lap it's like she is always trying to do crunches. I call her my little roly poly!
Since she is getting strong and starting to scooch (is that not a word?) around, we have to be sure to buckle her into her swing and glider every time! I'm guilty of just plopping her down (supervised of course)...but not anymore. 

I can sort of say that she usually sleeps through the night, however we do put her down late and wake up really early. She is sleeping 5-6 hour stretches in her own room now. The transition into her crib went a little too well. It hasn't even been a week yet so I don't want to jinx it. Since I've gone back to work she has been doing phenomenally at daycare. I'll save those details for another post though! 
I think I covered everything! She has grown in so many ways between two and three months. I can only imagine what the next month will bring! We are so ridiculously in love with this little sweetie! 
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  1. Totally NOT too early for teething! All kids are different. One of my friend's first kid had two teeth at four months and her second child is just getting her first tooth at nine months. I just love the little chunk-a-monk rolls your sweetie is getting because they are more precious than precious can be!

  2. She is the most BEAUTIFUL little angel!!!

  3. Goodness, she is SUCH a cute little thing!!!! :-D I'm glad she's doing so much better and that you can finally say that she's content at times.

  4. precious indeed! glad she is doing so well.


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